Whitewater Raft the Arkansas with KODI!

Colorado is a mecca for whitewater rafting, especially around Buena Vista, Colorado. Located only about an hour and a half from Breckenridge, most rafting companies are headquartered here, including KODI Rafting. Having never been whitewater rafting before, the kind folks at KODI got us out onto the water for an afternoon of fun!

KODI’s easy to find location in Buena Vista makes checking in for your adventure quick and painless. Walk-ins are always welcome, however it is always a good idea to make reservations to ensure that they can accommodate you.

What should you wear for such an excursion? KODI will offer you a $10 wet suit rental… trust us, you are going to want to take it! They had plenty of changing rooms and a bathroom for your convenience. It is highly recommended that you avoid wearing cotton or denim as both materials take a long time to dry. Fleece base layers are a great idea when it is chilly outside. Also, go with wool socks or no socks, cotton socks will stay wet all day.


Once everybody is ready, you will load up on a school bus with rafts in tow. When the bus arrives at the drop-in point, you will take a few minutes to go over the safety guidelines and ask any lingering questions. Then you jump on your boat and head down the Arkansas River!

We took a half day trip, and boy was it a blast! Krista was our guide and she was absolutely amazing and very knowledgable. Having been with KODI Rafting for 15 years, she knew the river and surrounding mountains well. She, and the rest of the staff, kept up the friendly banter to ease everyones nerves. The Arkansas River was flowing high due to rain and snow melt and the rapids were raised a class, which definitely added some excitement to the float! We had a few miles to practice commands and techniques before we entered the canyon with larger rapids. Surprisingly, everything went smoothly in the canyon thanks to the guiding voice of Krista.


KODI Rafting has half and full day trips to satisfy any group. They have a variety of trips to offer such as their class one trips for families with little ones  all the way up to the class five trips for experienced white water rafters.

We strongly recommend that you join the KODI Rafting family during your Breckenridge vacation!

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