Nice Restaurants in Breckenridge

There’s much more to the Breckenridge area than its proximity to ski resorts and phenomenal outdoor activities – it’s also home to a formidable and varied dining scene.

We recommend the following nice restaurants in Breckenridge for those special nights you want to splurge and enjoy a nice meal out with your significant other or friends.

But which restaurants are the best?

Sauce on the Maggie (Taddeo’s)


Sauce on the Maggie, formerly Taddeo’s is an upscale family-style Italian restaurant, renamed for its location overlooking the Maggie Pond.

If you’re looking for authentic Italian cuisine, Sauce on the Maggie has a long standing history and has carved out their space in Breckenridge since 2004.  They are known for some of their longtime customer favorites like the Penne Gorgonzola and Rigatoni and Sausage, Grilled Atlantic Salmon and Hand Tossed Pizza.

Alpenglow Stube

(800) 354-4386

More than a meal, Alpenglow Stube offers a true dining experience.  The restaurant is located at 11,444 feet – That is how high above sea elevation you’ll be at this restaurant.

Your first question might be how do I get there?  By gondola of course, actually two!  This ride is an experience on its own. A word of advice- Try to get the parking lot a half hour early so that you make it to the restaurant on time.  If you time things right for dinner, you’ll enjoy an amazing sunset.  Be prepared for a drop in temperature, no matter what time of year on the ride up, so be prepared.

During winter, upon entry you are greeted by a welcoming hostess, your coats will be promptly taken and put away and you will be offered fuzzy slippers in exchange for your cold boots.

For this dining experience, you must reserve a table and for good reason — you get a personalized menu with your party’s name (and you can take it home)! They also ask you to order your complete meal at the start of your dining experience so the chefs may properly time everything.

Hearthstone Restaurant


Hearthstone may be the premier dining establishment in Breck. For an upscale and delicious meal, this is the place to go.  We highly recommend requesting a table on the second floor with a window view.

To find out more of why we recommend Hearthstone, click here.