Rock Climb Breckenridge

When you live in Breckenridge, Colorado, taking in views of the Ten Mile Range become the norm. That doesn’t take away from the fact that they are breathtakingly stunning and that every morning that you walk outside and think to yourself, “I can’t believe I get to live here.” These dramatic mountains really spark one’s need for adventure; especially one that involves scaling mountains, hanging from cliffs and shimmying down 50 foot walls of sandstone.


I was raised in West Texas, the land of arid flat lands and rolling plains. The opportunity to participate in alpine sports was definitely lacking, unless you count the rock wall at my local gym. So, what was I going to do about this deficiency in my life? I called Apex Mountain School, a rock and ice climbing company that caters to locals and visitors who want to learn or improve upon their climbing skills. It was time to get up close and personal with these mountains I had become so infatuated with.

Adri climbing

Jesse Ramos, our climbing guide from Apex, started rock climbing as a child. He grew up in Boulder and had an encouraging family that fueled his need for adventure. Throughout his life he has gained experience and education in several alpine disciplines.

Jesse shared that, “Apex Mountain School is pretty comprehensive. We have everything from rock climbing in the summer to avalanche climbing in the winter.” Jesse also pointed out that Apex offers everything in between including, “ice climbing, multi-pitch rock climbing, and backcountry skiing.”


I signed up for a half-day rock climbing trip. It was pretty unbelievable! Jesse took us to Wolcott where we had several crevices and faces to explore, each spot more advanced than the last. While teaching us techniques and growing our skill level, Jesse told us stories only seasoned guides can tell. He’s taken everyone climbing, including celebrities, mother/daughter pairs, families, and experienced solo climbers. He’s seen it all!

“I think it is good when people come in here to climb for the first time instead of trying it by themselves,” Jesse said on taking out first-time climbers. “The mountains have teeth—they are so beautiful, but they can bite if you don’t have the proper skills.”


He gauged what my friend and I were interested in, factored in our beginner skill level, and gave us an experience that blew our expectations out of the water. I learned a lot of climbing vocabulary and techniques. By the end of the day, my friend, who was seeing mountains for the second time in his life, was belaying for Jesse. It was so obvious that Jesse was happy to be on the mountain with us. His encouragement helped us improve and gain confidence and he made our experience absolutely amazing!


Apex Mountain School was with us every step of the way. They made sure we had everything from climbing shoes to granola bars. The online booking process was really simple and the office manager even called me to confirm that everything was right.

“The way we start out is we assess each customer. I want to know the basic history,” Jesse said. “Apex Mountain School is here to help people make progress in their mountain sense, in their ability to climb mountains and to achieve goals.”