Planning A Long Weekend in Breck – Over The Summer

Planning a Long Weekend in Breckenridge, Colorado

Hit the pause button on your busy life for a moment and just listen. If you’re like most people, the screaming sirens of life make it difficult just to find time to take a deep breath and hear what your body and mind are whispering in your ear.

It may be hard to imagine in the midst of a neverending workload, busy kids, and an overflowing stream of errands and responsibilities , but solitude isn’t as far as it might seem. In fact, Breckenridge is only a short trip away – the escape you’ve been needing for longer than you care to remember.

That Perfect Weekend Getaway

Let your imagination run wild for a moment. You’ve just survived yet another busy season at work and recharging the batteries seems like an idea sent from above. After reading about Breckenridge – tucked within a natural cathedral of mountains and pine with thrills for the adrenaline-minded, tranquility for the serene – you are ready to let the recharging begin.

You fly into Vail, just a short 50-mile trip to Breckenridge. Thanks to, you had your pick of lodging, opting for a two-bedroom luxury condo with all the amenities of home. Thankfully, it’s only a five-minute walk to the heart of Main Street, where you can shop for your favorite brands, sample world-class dining, and mingle within a thriving art and nightlife scene.

Your first full day at Breckenridge is spent hiking the McCullough Gulch Trail. As you acclimate to the elevation, you’re rewarded with a series of snow-fed waterfalls and a deep blue glacial lake, filled to capacity during the early summer months. The entire hike surrounds you with twisting canyons and endless views of the Ten Mile Range in the background.

Afterwards, you unwind in your condo’s hot tub before heading down Main Street for a night of bar hopping and absorbing the energy from the town and people. You can feel yourself begin to unwind, making that busy season at work a distant memory as you reacquaint yourself with equal measures of exhilaration and peace over your extended weekend getaway.

Just like you’ve always heard, however, all good things must come to an end. As your days in Breckenridge wind down, you book a last-minute spa appointment for some intense Sunday morning relaxation before heading back to the grind. You can’t help but let your mind wonder, mentally going through your crowded calendar as you search for the next opportunity to come back. That’s what Breckenridge is best at – leaving indelible memories that leave you wanting more.

Breckenridge Is Waiting for You

No matter the time of year, Breckenridge has something to pique your interests, quicken your pulse, and allow you to take a much-needed moment to refocus and reenergize. For winter sports, Breckenridge Ski Resort features 5 towering peaks, North America’s highest chairlift, and a superpipe and 8 separate bowls for snowboarders.

For those that prefer the brisk air and dizzying colors of autumn, a hike or mountain bike tour on the River Trail – where you’ll pass fly fishermen and peace-seekers alongside the Blue River – will give you a first-hand view of the vivid fall foliage the area is renowned for.

Whatever your interests might be, Breckenridge is a special place that burrows into your spirit in the best way possible. With the help of, where you can find everything from lodging and ski rentals to transportation and flight options, it’s time to start letting that imagination run wild.