How to Plan a Group Ski Trip to Breck

You might have heard the saying – there are no friends on a powder day. But, when you’re planning a group ski trip, there are friends and potentially family members on a powder day and every day during your vacation. Like any trip, the trick to success is getting everyone on the same page and some ski trail. The way to do that is planning in advance and good, consistent communication.

Here are our tips for planning and then enjoying a hassle-free trip with your whole group or family. (For kid-friendly activities and recommendations, check here)


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Are you hoping to ski hard all day and then party all night? Or, are you looking for a relaxing trip and a few hours on the groomers? It’s critical to decide why you’re planning a ski trip and then making sure everyone on the trip is on the same page or wavelength. Communicate the goals of the trip upfront and then choose people who fit this type of trip.


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Once you’ve decided on the location, which is Breckenridge, of course, you need to find dates that work with everyone. Or, at least, dates that work for you and one or two of the core people in your group. Choose a date that works for school schedules, work schedules and also your budget. For instance, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly trip, don’t book your trip during spring break when the rates are higher.

Show us the money

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The budget is one of the biggest considerations for some groups. Ask everyone (in a very sensitive way) in your group what their budget is and be clear about how you’re splitting the costs and collecting the money. Here are our tips for saving money on your Breck trip. Venmo and bank transfers make it much, much easier to share costs with friends and family.

Lodging: Your Home Sweet Mountain Home

Lodging is one of the most important components to making or breaking a group trip. If you have a smaller group, consider renting a private house, condo or townhome so that you can all stay together, cook together and save money. We have some recommendations for properties that work well for groups with gourmet kitchens, hot tubs, pools, movie theaters and more. Contact us for specific questions or to help find the right spot for your group. 970-760-0808 or Stay@VisitBreckenridge.Com

Wheels: Transportation for Your Group

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If you have a large group and are flying from the same destination, look into chartering a private shuttle or renting a few SUVs to caravan together up to the mountains from the airport. If you’re all flying or driving from different locations, book your own shuttles to/from the airport, but, ask the shuttle companies for a group rate. Even though the Town of Breckenridge offers an extensive free bus service, get one person in your group to rent a car for trips to the grocery store or to help shuttle the group to/from restaurants, slopes or elsewhere. Check to see how many parking spots are available at your rental property. If you have an extra car or two, you can always park them – for a small fee – overnight at the Town of Breck’s overflow parking lot on Airport Road.

Lift tickets and rentals

If you missed out on the Epic season pass sales in the fall, you’ll need to get your lift tickets. In the past, local shops offered discounted Breckenridge lift tickets on site. No more. The only discounts you’ll find for Breckenridge lift tickets are online at Buy multiple days in advance for the best deal and take advantage of the transferable days at Keystone, Arapahoe Basin, Vail or Beaver Creek. If you waited until the last minute, check out Liftopia. You can score discounts on tickets to A-Basin and Copper. Vail Resorts doesn’t offer any lift ticket discounts through Liftopia.

For rentals, we recommend Christy Sports. They offer multiple locations in town and a discount for guests.

Breaking bread: Group dining

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Group meals might be one of the most challenging parts of organizing a trip. If you’re renting a property together, plan a few group meals, but then schedule free time. Plan at least one dinner or lunch together at a local restaurant. Here are some tips to help you plan your group dining.

Keep the group informed

Throughout the planning process, the biggest tip is to communicate often to the group. Get everyone’s emails and phone numbers and start a group email, group text and potentially create a private Facebook group. Everyone wants to feel included. Take a few extra moments to communicate with everyone to lessen the frustrations and hopefully the drama.

Once you’ve done the heavy lifting of planning and communicating, enjoy your trip. Bring your camera, take some selfies or group photos and remember why you planned the trip in the first place – to spend time with friends and family. If you need any help, get in touch with your local Breckenridge expert.