Pharmacies in Breckenridge

In all of your anticipation and excitement for your trip to Breckenridge, you may have forgotten to bring a very important item with you; your prescription medication. 

It’s easy to forget when you’ve been pre-planning for months, planning on where you’ll take the family pet, who will check the mail, do you have all of your ski gear, besides, who wants to think about their medication, when they are too busy planning all of the fun they are going to have while hitting the slopes in Breck!

However, once the realization strikes, a bit of panic may set in.  In reality, finding a resolution should be fairly simple.  You basically go to a local drug store and ask someone to call your pharmacy at home for a new prescription. In pharmacy terminology, this is called a “copy” or “transfer.” You should have the name and phone number of your pharmacy to give to the staff member at the new pharmacy. You should also know the name of your medication as this will help if there is any confusion.

And although Breckenridge is a mountain get-away town, there are plenty of options for you to get your refills taken care of.  Here are just a few locations that will help you if you find yourself in need of a pharmacy.

City Market Pharmacy


Safeway Pharmacy