Christmas Tree Services

No holiday vacation would be complete without a Christmas tree, but the question might arise as to how to find that perfect tree, get it to your Breckenridge rental property, set it up with all of the decorations, where to find the decorations, buying decorations and then what to do with all of those decorations at the end of your trip?

Do you just decide to not have a tree while you’re visiting one of the most pristine snow covered mountain destinations in the country?  That vision just doesn’t sound complete without some holiday décor.

Well, you’re in luck!  Visitors can still enjoy their holiday traditions with a tree set-up service that includes delivery, set-up, decoration, pick-up and disposal at the end of your stay.

And for locals who either don’t have the time or simply don’t feel like the hassle or want to deal with tree needles dirtying their cars, this service is perfect for you.

We recommend the following service company to help keep your holiday cheer at maximum capacity.

Summit Home Service


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