Buying a Breckenridge Vacation Home

If a vacation home could pay for itself, would you consider buying?

At Resort Town Properties, it’s the people and process that give you the best return on investment for your property. We know it’s not only finding the prefect home, it’s knowing which property will be most successful on the rental market too. Our process ensures that your vacation home is earning the most residual income possible when you aren’t using it for your own enjoyment. The team at Resort Town creates an individualized management plan for each property that will meet all of your expectations.

Why Buy?

Understanding your priorities in terms of use are key to picking options that will meet your expectations. These factors directly affect components like budget, location, and even things like property floor plans.

Will Your Home be Primarily for Investment Purposes?

  • When maximizing your rental income is the biggest priority, we focus on finding properties that appeal most to renters. We gain extensive knowledge in this area from continuous feedback provided by our reservations team. While a house in Blue River may be a beautiful place for you to vacation, it may not be ideal for generating interest from guests. These are the factors that we take into consideration when choosing properties for your search.

How Often Will You, Your Friends and Your Family Use Your Home?

  • It is important to evaluate how often and what times of year you and your family will  be using your new property. Why you ask? If you have revenue expectations as well as plans for use, we can help you balance both needs. By understanding how the rental market ebs and flows based on peak vacationing times and other factors, you are able to decide when and how often you may want to use your home.Will you be using your home more than 6 months out of the year? These intentions all factor into what kind of property you decide to purchase as your vacation home. Meet your needs while satisfying your home’s prospective guests so expectations are met on both sides.

What is most important to you when it comes to choosing a location for your vacation home? Whether you want ski-in/ski-out, walk to town, or both, we will help you find a location that best serves your expectations and budget.

If You Can Off-set the Cost of Ownership with Nightly Rentals, would you go for something more expensive?

  • Perhaps you want a property that is both ski-in/ski-out and walking distance to town, but the price tag is too high. If you could make that money back and then some on nightly rentals, would you go for it? We interact with renters on a daily basis and we know what the hot spots are. You could have the vacation home of your dreams without breaking the bank.

How Does Location Impact Rental Income?

  • Maybe you are interested in a quiet, peaceful setting for your vacation home but you aren’t sure how that will impact income. Will you need to consider providing shuttle service to the slopes? What kind of interest would it get from guests? With our knowledge of the rental market, we can walk through various options with you to find the ideal location for yourself and potential guests.


Mark Gossman | Broker

Mark started managing income producing real estate in 1987 at the age of 20. Over the years he has been involved in property management, real estate development, construction, remodeling, custom home building, and real estate sales. When looking for your second home having a broker who not only understands the real estate world but the vacation rental realm as well is a huge asset! CALL MARK or EMAIL for more information.