Backcountry Skiing

Are you an experienced skier looking for pristine powder in its most natural form? Try backcountry skiing. Ride up untouched terrain on a snowcat and experience some of the most amazing and scenic skiing and riding you have ever had. No lifts, no crowds, just you and the mountain!

Looking for the ultimate joy of the turn and the thrill of gravity pulling you down the mountain leaving nothing but a blast of the wind and an icy spray in your wake?

There are some awesome backcountry ski guides that will share hidden stashes, as well as backcountry travel and snow analysis tips to help build your backcountry travel skills.

We encourage you to find an experienced partner or become an expert in resort terrain before trying backcountry.

Apex Mountain School

Skiing in the backcountry is nothing like skiing at a resort. Ratings of “beginner,” “intermediate” and “advanced” are backcountry ratings. They do not correspond to ski resorts. At ski resorts, beginner and intermediate runs are almost always groomed and cleared of obstacles. Not so in the backcountry. Expect to find rocks, trees, patchy snow, and all sorts of obstacles on the easiest of runs. Route selection and avalanche avoidance are also key to your safe navigation of backcountry ski terrain.

Schools or guides are with you every step of the way to make sure you are always pointed in the right direction.